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Try These Eclectic Design Bedroom Ideas

by Kim Daneault 06/07/2021

Eclectic design is all about creativity and combining elements of other styles. This is one reason why it’s an easy design to implement in your own home provided that you follow some basic guidelines. No matter your interpretation of the eclectic style, whatever you come up with will be completely unique to you. This makes it an excellent choice of style for designing a bedroom.

Here are some eclectic design bedroom ideas to try:

Mix Up Prints & Patterns

A key element of eclectic design is mixing unique patterns and prints. This can go for curtains, rugs, bed linens, pillows and more. Use geometric shapes, organic motif, stripes, dots, animal prints or other animal designs in any combination that you prefer. In order to stay cohesive, it’s best to choose patterns and prints with a color in common. This will help you avoid messiness and chaos while still having fun and coming up with creative combinations.

Combine New & Old

For furniture and decor, eclectic style celebrates combining old pieces with newer ones. It’s fun to mix antique and vintage pieces with contemporary ones to add visual interest in the room. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hunt for the perfect antiques, however. Simply mixing different styles, especially those based on specific eras of design, will help you achieve the same look. For example, pair art deco style headboard with a rustic bedside table.

Show Off What You Love

An incredibly fun aspect of eclectic design is that it encourages showcasing personal items. Do whatever you can to show off your original style and preferences. You can decorate with items you’ve collected over time in order to show your personality in every corner of the room. Now’s the time to hang up all of your favorite wall art or display your collection of colorful lanterns. Be careful not to go overboard, however. Collections of smaller items are fantastic design elements as long as they don’t create clutter.

Save Room for Plants

Plants are essential to the eclectic aesthetic. Whether you go with living houseplants or their artificial alternatives, adding greenery to the room will instantly add visual interest and enhance your eclectic vibe. Go for a variety of shapes and sizes of plant and be as creative and bold as you wish with your pot choices. Small collections of succulents in cups or jars make great accents for surfaces, while a tall tropical plant in one corner will make a bold statement and add a worldly feel to the room. While greenery is always good, you can branch out and opt for unusually colored plants to further celebrate the mixture of textures and color in the space.

Some describe eclectic style as “controlled chaos.” While some choices might seem random, you can use the general guidelines above to develop fun and unexpected combinations without creating an eyesore. Your bedroom is a room all your own and it’s a great place to show your personality. Using eclectic design as a guide will encourage you to take risks and have fun while defining your own personal version of the style.

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